Artists' Row
Artists' Row


Ken Mitchell Mural Slam

2017 Mural Slam

The City of Salem sought artists to participate in a “Mural Slam”, a public art project that took place during the Salem Main Streets, Salem Arts Festival, June 2-4, 2017. The site for the 2017 Salem Mural Slam is a series of brick walls at Artists’ Row located in historic downtown Salem at 24 New Derby Street, across from Old Town Hall and Derby Square. This area at the heart of the City was originally built as a market place and continues to this day to be an important public plaza and pedestrian way.

In the interest of enhancing the visual experience for residents and visitors in this great walking city, the City of Salem invited artists to help transform these spaces that are part of the City of Salem Art Space Initiative and the murals will provide an entertaining and stimulating experience to those that live in and visit Salem.

2017 Participants

  1. Ken Mitchell

  2. Ricky Molander

  3. Jamie O’Neill   (Side of Stall #5)

  4. Julie Nguyen   (Side of Bathroom Wall)

  5. Keely Gilmartin

  6. Kameko Branchaud

  7. Angela Gonzalez

  8. Alyssa Irizarry & Jose Rivera

  9. Susan Schrader

  10. Margarita Krylova

  11. Emily Larsen & Genevieve Byrne